It’s about time.

I have been putting off a lot of writing since a) my thoughts have been quite scattered lately, b) I have this knack that everything must be presented perfectly as if I’m submitting this, c) honestly, I’m afraid to be judged for my writing. I am not known for that skill with the pen, but the things I wrote most of during my pseudo-journalist days were so petty that I turned completely to focusing on doing what I love.

Which is what brings me here, really.

Doing what I love.

This very post is to convince myself why I shouldn’t give up. Why I shouldn’t leave…at least, not yet.

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would you stop this

WAIT. i just reblogged this thinking this was the architectural outline for the building or something but then i realized in the outline there were OUTLINES OF PEOPLE meaning THIS IS A FUCKING PAINTING OR SOMETHING ARE YOU FOR REAL RIGHT NOW

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It does not reflect my mood through the evening though it was pretty much how I felt earlier today. Projecting my irritation to an innocent sack doll is only the tip of the iceberg.

It does not reflect my mood through the evening though it was pretty much how I felt earlier today. Projecting my irritation to an innocent sack doll is only the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous asked: Never? How come? So are you looking for a boyfriend now? Are you open to that? :>

Yes. Never :) Uhh, I have apprehensions about the concept of ‘looking’ :)) Do I know you? :))

Anonymous asked: hey! cool works! :) uh, do you vince liban's tumblr?

Hey! Thanks! :D

Vince Liban? No, I don’t know him ahaha :)

What do you do when your mind refuses to rest?

To try and keep myself from my overactive thoughts, I opt to drown myself in work, which in turn has ruined my liking to draw for my personal pleasure. My eyes, hands, and back are already screaming me to go take a break, but it’s either this or another nightmare. It’s a vicious cycle.



The cold never bothered me anyway


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Anonymous asked: Have you ever had a boyfriend? :>

Hello, uhh. No :))

Paki-explain, labyu.

Having to explain yourself repeatedly is exhausting, and honestly, I’ve no patience for it. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, what’s the point of me going all out with passion in discussing? Sometimes, the people listen and (try to) understand, while some have obviously struck the question as a form of bland social convention. It’s actually more offensive to what I’ve accomplished when people do not recognize what I’ve had to go through to be where I am, so out of nowhere I will explain my course and my job here. (Also because my uncle called earlier and I was pleased he actually knew what I was talking about!)

My course

It comes as a big surprise to people when I tell them what course I graduated from: Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences. I’m from the University of the Philippines Manila (Diliman is not the only campus!) and I had originally applied to be a Biology student (in hopes of attending medical school shortly after graduating). However, during my admission, the course that had been my first choice was full so it was either I wait for a miracle that some student give up his/her spot, or I transfer myself to BehSci. The choice didn’t take long to make since one of my closest friends was already listed there. I have no regrets whatsoever, for I love my course, department, and blockmates.

Behavioral Sciences is basically a three-pronged kind of program. When I say it’s “kind of like psych”, that’s only a third of the explanation. While I haven’t gotten around to memorizing the official description, I am proud to say that we Behavioral Scientists understand the individual, the group, and the society in the perspective of three (social) scientific disciplines intertwined: Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology. So, while I am a (not-licensed) psychologist, I am also a sociologist and an anthropologist. Ironically, I have inept social skills (but I adapt).

My job

"Rappler [is], your social news network," as our big boss (hehe) Maria Ressa would say in introduction to the week-nightly Newscast (visit at 9pm). Even if that is what it is, I doubt that people, more so those who do not spend a bulk of their day online like me, would understand that phrase. What Rappler is could actually be found at the bottom part of the site: “Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change. Rappler comes from the root words “rap” (to discuss) + “ripple” (to make waves)." To make it simple for you, if you still don’t get it, it’s news on the internet, made even better (the dissemination) thanks to social media (please correct if my understanding is wrong, or still lacking).

I am not a writer there, I’m a Web Artist. The graphics team is comprised of six, each with their own area of expertise, and I am the youngest thus far. Honestly, I never expected to love my job so much. The people (not just the artists—I mean everyone) are incredible and the experience—apart from being very fast-paced and stressful—is wonderful. As a Behavioral Science graduate, it has boggled most how I ended up becoming an artist for Rappler. Truth be told, my plans were to immediately proceed to medschool after the completion of my bachelor’s degree, but due to some…circumstance that we were not able to foresee, my plans had to be pushed back. I needed to work. I applied at Rappler because I was interested in their advocacy, and the PH Vote 2013 graphics got me interested (drawing and creative things is my number one pasttime). The Heavens somehow shined on me and I got in. I am happy. Very happy.

Plans of medschool…will not be discussed anytime soon. I will not give up my dream of becoming a doctor, but my heart breaks at the crossroads I must eventually decide on. Insofar Rappler is the best thing that’s happened to me, and wherever this road may take me, I will gratefully accept. For now, I am savoring my time with officemates who I love dearly, a job that I genuinely enjoy, and an environment where I continue to grow in several aspects.





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Comic nails with China Glaze *Hang Ten Toes*.
Credit for the original idea to Nancy MC.
More original nail art.


Comic nails with China Glaze *Hang Ten Toes*.

Credit for the original idea to Nancy MC.

More original nail art.